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Snoozle Slide Sheet

…sensitive or muscles ache, can be a painful, sleep-robbing process. Sometimes the effort to move around hurts more than the initial problem! But this Slide Sheet, a satiny, silky double-sided fabric square, enables you to move around your bed with minimal effort. There’s little resistance, so you…

Price: $39.95
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Here are the perfect slides for after-sport therapy or outdoor activities. These slides are especially appreciated by those who suffer with heel, shin, and knee pain, or from flat feet or plantar fasciitis.

Was: $69.95 Price: $12.88
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Easy Exerciser

This motorized exerciser allows your feet to slide smoothly and gently back and forth in a passive walking-like motion, providing leg movement you need to help maintain mobility and circulation.

Was: $139.95 Price: $129.95
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Seat Slide

…often difficult when sitting down to slide to the back of a chair seat. You may balance at the chair’s edge, unable to move back into a comfortable position near the backrest. This Seat Slide is backed with one-direction, easy-glide strips that make it easy to slide into a chair fully and correctly.…

Price: $59.95


There’s nothing like a soft, soothing slipper to make you feel good all over. These terry cloth slides feature Acorn’s signature Memory Foam midsole, a contoured footbed designed to cradle your feet and toes, with a raised heel and arch support.

Was: $39.95 Price: $29.98
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Dual Blade Opener

…yourself in the process. There are two blades, one a piercing blade that extends when you slide a retractable button, and the other an inner blade that easily slits all around the desired packaging once it’s been pierced. To open a plastic package then, you just push and slide to get inside.

Was: $14.95 Price: $9.95


Now that we all have smartphones, our old cameras are pretty much obsolete. But this simple device gives back the fit, feel and features you always enjoyed with your “real” camera. Just slide a smartphone into the Phontographer and—presto!—you get comfortable and high-quality one-hand shooting!

Was: $99.95 Price: $18.88
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EZ-up Care Chair

…and caregivers find that this EZ-up Care Chair does triple duty—and does it all well. Just roll it into the shower, wheel it over to the bedside or slide it over any standard toilet for a perfect fit. It maneuvers smoothly and conveniently to wherever it’s needed, including through close quarters.

Price: $699.00
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Mobility Lift Chair

…day will really appreciate this fully featured lift chair WITH RETRACTABLE ARMS. One touch of a button lowers an arm, enabling the user to simply slide directly across the chair seat onto the seat of any mobility transport. What a blessing not to have to stand up, turn around and re-situate yourself…

Price: $2,299.00

No Slip Warming Slippers

They might have the best no-slip surface we’ve ever seen in a slipper! With these sturdy, textured bottoms, there’s less slipping and sliding on those unfriendly tile or linoleum surfaces in your bathroom or kitchen.

Was: $19.95 Price: $3.88
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Perfect Flos Kit

…to suit the size of the spaces between. Makes cleaning between your teeth easier and more comfortable, thanks to an innovative handle and the feeler that easily accesses your interdental spaces. Just place the feeler at the space and press. The brush gently slides out to remove food bits and plaque.

Price: $29.95

Women's Surety Non-Slip Shoe-Wht-Wide-

…we need all the help we can get toward a firm, stable and secure footing. And that’s what you get with these slip-resistant shoes with a patented tread design and great traction. They’re designed to help prevent slips, slides and falls -- and to build confidence, all with no sacrifice of comfort!

Was: $49.95 Price: $19.88
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