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It doesn’t get any easier than this slim, simple-to-use TV remote. With an absolute minimal number of buttons—big buttons, easily seen and understood—it controls your TV and cable box.

Was: $29.95 Price: $24.98


This friendly talking robot operates with an easy-to-use, large-button remote control -- a perfect first remote control device for small children. And there’s no learning process to use it.

Was: $79.95 Price: $18.88

Quadcopter Drone

…flies up, down, forward, backward, glides left, glides right and turns 360°. It offers high-speed flight, with long-range, radio-frequency remote control from up to 150 feet away. The built-in, six-axis gyroscope brings extra stability as well as quick recovery after crashes. There’s automatic…

Was: $24.98 Price: $7.88
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Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, flying this amazing four-channel remote control drone is exhilarating fun. It has six-axis gyro stabilization, allowing it to do a lot more than the standard RC up-and-down action. It flips and rolls mid-flight, flies left and right, forward and back,…

Was: $79.95 Price: $19.88

Dialogue Speaker

…speaker that incorporates sound technology to lift up voices, separating them from background sounds and enhancing their clarity. In fact, there are six levels of dialogue boosts that tailor sound to match the needs of your ears! Use the remote control to select boost for your individual preference.

Price: $269.00
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Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey

He’s cuddly cute, super soft and loaded with personality. Dave is an interactive monkey that you control -- literally. He comes with a remote control so you can operate him discreetly and really amaze your friends. This cheeky little chap is a great companion and a born entertainer, with a gesture…

Was: $39.95 Price: $19.98
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"Just My Height" Adjustable Bed -

…bed lowers to a level that makes it easier to glide into bed—even when transferring from a wheelchair, rollator or walker. When you’re ready to get up, you adjust the bed height with the remote control until you can place both feet firmly on the floor. What a great aid to safety and independence!

Price: $3,499.00
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