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Lightning RC Car

This fully functioning Lightning RC Car is extremely quick and handles like a charm. It features forward and reverse controls, left and right steering and a sleek and powerful design.

Was: $19.95 Price: $6.98

RC Flying UFO

This fully directional RC helicopter sphere has an innovative design and some non-traditional features. It offers infrared technology, a three-channel system and a built-in gyroscope.

Was: $59.95 Price: $39.98

Darling RC Flying Bird

This little pink, white and multicolored bird with her flapping wings and multidirectional soaring is great fun and safe to fly indoors. And for nighttime flight, she’s something extra special. There’s a colorful, flashing LED light that tracks her voyage through the darkness.

Price: $49.95
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R/C Cooler

When you’re comfy right where you are, why get up to get another cold drink? Just press the remote, and the beverages of your choice are delivered right to you. Your guests will love this -- it’s the coolest cooler ever!

Price: $69.95

R/C Battle Tanks (Set of 2)

These four-frequency fighting tanks move forward and back, spin around, make a shooting sound and turn in four different directions, all with full-function remote control. Yet they’re easy to use by a child as young as five.

Was: $49.95 Price: $24.98
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