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LP Saver IV

…because you expected it to be a complicated process, or because you thought you’d need a computer? Well, it’s amazingly easy with our all-in-one music duplicating system that records your favorite albums and cassettes directly to CDs, as you play them. No computer needed, nor any special know-how.

Price: $279.00

Wireless Audio System for i-Products

Expandable phone unit for firstSTREET’s Amplified Phone System. 40dB amplification and answering machine access. (System accommodates up to four expandable phones.)

Was: $249.00 Price: $149.98

External Speakers for Audiobook Library with MP3 Player

Prefer to listen without headphones? Or want to share these great readings and shows with others? This separate portable speaker makes music, literature, knowledge and fun accessible to the whole family.

Price: $24.95
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Vintage Porcelain Music Box

Everyone loves Music Boxes at Christmas, especially these two vintage styles made of porcelain with a colorful, glossy finish. One or both make a nice gift -- they complement each other beautifully on the mantle or the tabletop.

Was: $29.95 Price: $14.95


Military Bears salute Navy and Marine heroes with a head-swaying, lip-synching, musical salute. They’re each dressed in the appropriate military garb to represent their branch.

Price: $39.95


Behind the glass door of a working clock, the six tuned brass chimes are struck in harmony with the enchanting music of bells.

Was: $299.00 Price: $145.95

Mother Goose

The warm, soothing voice of Mother Goose reads aloud five of her favorite nursery rhymes, as her "beak" moves in sync with the words. Her head bobs side to side, and quiet music plays in the background.

Price: $29.95

Christmas Piano Mouse

…what you want to hear. Then you simply choose a song sheet from atop his piano, place it on the music stand and, as if by magic, he will play that particular song for you. In addition to the sheet music songs, he also knows a dozen other holiday songs by heart and will play those for you when your…

Price: $79.95

Lighted Icicle Mantel Cover

…with this LED-lighted Mantel Cover that looks like sparkling, icy snow. Guaranteed to inspire lots of oohs and aahs. It’s the perfect cover to go beneath your Christmas village, pine and holly arrangements, music boxes or Christmas balls--whatever you like to display on your mantel for the holidays.

Was: $19.95 Price: $9.95

Smart Tablet for Kids

…you can keep them otherwise occupied with this similarly designed look-alike version. It’s really a cordless electronic learning aid, and while they play the numerous games included, they’ll be stimulating sight, hearing, touch, learning music appreciation (10+ melodies), finding words, and more.

Price: $17.95


Develop a new talent, enjoy a new hobby, perfect your musical skills.

Price: $11.95

Portable CD/Cassette Boombox

…certain age still have our favorite old cassettes around, even if we haven’t been able to listen to them for years. Now you can once again enjoy the music of your life—on your deck, in the kitchen, in your man cave, on a trip—wherever you care to take this portable boombox. You can once again play…

Price: $59.95
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Related Categories: Lp | Radio | Lp Saver | Cd
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