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Just My Height Power Chair

…in life face-to-face, even when you have difficulty standing and a wheelchair is part of your routine. This deluxe Just My Height chair elevates to a standing height position in just 16 seconds, providing you quick access to countertops, tables, kitchen cabinets, grocery shelves—and the high…

Price: $4,299.00
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"Just My Height" Adjustable Bed

Do you dread getting out of bed for fear of falling because the height of your bed forces you to "slide" out and down in order to get your feet on the floor? Or maybe you simply can’t get out of bed anymore without assistance? (Do you have these fears for a loved one?) Now there’s a bed that helps…

Price: $4,499.00
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Comfort Cane

…upon it. You’ll see immediately how easy it is to adjust the height to your needs. The telescopic body quickly and securely adjusts, then locks, to ANY height from 28" to 42" at the push of a button. Lower or raise to exactly the height you want—no pre-measured notched levels to limit your options…

Price: $49.95
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Threshold Half Step

Get the extra "lift" you need when stepping in and out of your home by cutting the height of your doorstep in half. This extra-large 4" half-step platform makes access easier for those with limited ability to lift their feet or step high.

Price: $29.95
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Stair Half Steps (Set of 3)

Add a sturdy stationary half-step to each step in your staircase and reduce the effort of climbing and descending. Half-steps reduce each riser on your stairs to half the height of a normal step—great for seniors and people with arthritic joints or other impaired mobility.

Price: $59.95


…grass, twigs, and other debris all around your home. It has a 30-gallon detachable bag that’s easy to remove -- it lifts off in one motion -- and there’s an easy dial-in height adjustment feature to ensure maximum performance in all conditions, whether on lawn, sidewalk or driveway.

Price: $99.95

Porta Accessibility Step

…places with higher entry ways that might prove hazardous. Sometimes you just need a little boost, and this folding half step adds four inches to your step up—the perfect height to be helpful, but not so high as to unbalance. Step is also wide enough for you to securely plant both feet, side by side.

Price: $24.95
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Cane Stay

…lean it against a wall. No more bending and reaching to retrieve your cane, no more hunting for it after it drops. Cane Stay is made of strong, long-lasting plastic. It slips easily onto your cane at any height and removes easily, too. Once in place, it won’t slip and your cane won’t fall or teeter.

Was: $14.95 Price: $12.95
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…you want to use it. Slides easily over laps, with a versatility that’s especially useful for seniors, older adults, and the disabled. Adjust the height (26" to 36"), pivot the top, angle it, move it around, lock it down. The base slides easily under furniture to bring the work surface right where…

Price: $99.95
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This lightweight, easy-to-push reel mower has a unique cutting system with blades that cut like scissors. The mower has an 18"-wide cutting swath and easily adjustable cutting heights (up to 2 3/4") and 10" wheels for stability and power.

Price: $149.95

EzEdge Threshold/Wheelchair Ramp-

…home thresholds that have too big a “bump” to be safely navigated by unsteady adults, either on foot or when using a mobility aid. As we age, sometimes a vertical barrier of just a couple of inches can become a big deal, but these ramps offer an easy solution to obstacles of many heights and shapes.

Price: $59.95
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Classic Kitchen Chair and Stepstool

Pull up this vintage kitchen stepstool and sit awhile, taking the weight off your tired feet and legs. The classic design allows you to remain close (and at the right height) to work at counter or stovetop.

Was: $99.95 Price: $79.95
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