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Door Mitt

This Door Mitt keeps snow and ice off your vehicle’s door handles and door locks—no more stuck or frozen handles after a snow or ice storm. Strong magnets hold the mitt securely to car door where it covers and protects handle and lock, even through the worst storm.

Price: $14.95

EZ Handle

Transporting heavy bags of everything from groceries to pet food to grass seed can be difficult. With the EZ Handle, you can clamp down on bags large and small, reducing the effort and strain of moving them about, and you can reduce the number of trips from car to house as well—haul them all inside…

Price: $19.95

Microwave Hot Plate Handle

The Microwave Hot Plate Handle uses the power of leverage to lift plates of food so the entire hand takes the weight and not just fingers or wrist. No more burned fingers or broken dishes! Great for those with arthritis or dexterity problems -- or when the plate is too hot to touch.

Price: $14.95

Lightning RC Car

This fully functioning Lightning RC Car is extremely quick and handles like a charm. It features forward and reverse controls, left and right steering and a sleek and powerful design.

Price: $19.95

Stand Up Cane

…sofa, bench or bed. Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, Stand Up Cane provides a two-handed boost allowing you to push yourself up while reducing the risk of unsteadiness and falling. Both handles are comfort-cushioned, and the second handle pivots for left/right handers and weight equalization.

Price: $39.95
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Bariatric Rollator

This specially designed rolling walker is a great mobility aid for those who weigh up to 350 lbs. Everything about it is sized generously, from the wider distance between the handles to the comfortable extra-wide seat, from the strong backrest to the sturdy steel-frame construction.

Price: $179.95
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2 in 1 Clear Magnifier

3X magnification in head, 2X in handle

Price: $14.95
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This flexible stainless steel cable allows better use of grill space and holds more food than a regular skewer. And you can marinate right on the skewer -- just load it and put it in a resealable bag with the marinade -- no utensils needed and no need to handle the food twice.

Was: $19.95 Price: $6.98

Handy Windshield Washer

…is important to safety, but even a car wash won’t get down in the crevices. This Handy Windshield Washer will. It features an extra-long 16-inch handle and a pivoting head, to reach even the hard-to-clean area where the windshield meets the dashboard. The head adjusts to windshield contours for full…

Price: $14.95

Bed Tray with Assist Rail

…two-in-one bed table provides not only a luxury, multi-use swivel tray but also a safety rail to provide assistance in and out of bed. Bedrail handle also offers assistance while standing and helps prevent nighttime falls. Table is fully height adjustable to fit most any regular or hospital bed,…

Price: $179.95
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The attractive curved handle and gripping tip tell you instantly that this lovely umbrella also serves as a cane. But what happens when it rains? Well, when you must raise the umbrella and lose its support as a cane, there’s a fiberglass cane hidden inside the umbrella shaft that detaches. You’ll…

Price: $49.98
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Call Blocker

This device is the easiest way we’ve seen to handle nuisance and rogue calls that disturb your peace and threaten your security. The Call Blocker is pre-programmed with more than 5,000 known scam numbers you’ll never want to hear from—and you can easily block 1,500 more as those calls come in,…

Price: $99.95
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