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Night Proofs® All-Night Incontinence Briefs

…there’s an adult diaper that fully absorbs the liquid and pulls it away from the skin, leaving little opportunity for skin irritation, or other incontinence-related problems. And for many, a good night’s uninterrupted, leak-free sleep is the best news of all. Adult diapers have been on the market…

Price: $32.00
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Senior Incontinence Disposal System

Adult diaper disposal is always problematic, since adult briefs and pads are not flushable and odor quickly becomes unpleasant. And it’s awfully inconvenient, isn’t it, to run up and down the stairs and outside to the trashcan with each soiled diaper?

Price: $59.95


Here’s an extra layer of protection from incontinence issues -- pull-on unisex briefs that slip easily over underwear or adult diaper to provide an additional barrier to leakage. The elasticized waist and legs offer a secure but comfortable fit without irritating the skin. Briefs are made of…

Price: $19.95
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Senior Incontinence Disposal System Refills

Refills for the Adult Incontinence Disposal System. Each liner holds up to 24 diapers.

Price: $29.95
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