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Infrared Heater

Our Infrared Heater provides excellent supplemental zone heating. It heats 1000 sq. ft. comfortably, evenly and with a high level of energy efficiency. It comes with its own thermostat to control room temperature, ensuring that it doesn’t come on or stay on all the time (good news for your heating…

Was: $299.00 Price: $249.00
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Wall Panel Convection Heater

The Wall Panel Convection Heater is great for heating smaller areas. It provides a warm, silky background heat while using natural and efficient convection technology. Convection heat is different from other heating methods -- it won’t dry out the air like those that use fire and flame...and it’s…

Was: $99.95 Price: $79.95
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Cyclonic Ceramic Heater w/Remote Control

Our Cyclonic Ceramic Heater provides great whole-room supplemental heat—and an automatic temperature control! Space-saving design lets you place it anywhere in a room for effective heating. Easy remote-control operation. You don't need to place this supplemental heater in the middle of the room to…

Was: $149.95 Price: $129.95
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Safe-Touch Induction Cooktop

…cooler to the touch than traditional heating elements. That means it reduces fire and burn risk and makes it safer than what you may be using now. Once the heat is off, it’s already safe to a quick touch, and it cools quickly once the pot is removed. And when the pot is removed, it turns itself off!

Price: $119.95
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…you need, offering cushioned and more comfortable support to the spine while you’re driving or sitting for long periods of time. It’s lightweight and portable, with an open mesh weave that "breathes" and stays cool. It attaches easily to your car seat and most any chairs.

Price: $39.95
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