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R/C Cooler

When you’re comfy right where you are, why get up to get another cold drink? Just press the remote, and the beverages of your choice are delivered right to you. Your guests will love this -- it’s the coolest cooler ever!

Price: $69.95

Desktop Evaporative Air Cooler

…you need a little extra cooling in the personal space around you, simply fill the reservoir with cold water and this nightstand-sized portable air cooler quietly blows cool air your way, to cool you right down. A helpful humidifying effect remains in the air, but with the evaporative design, there’s…

Price: $39.95

Grocery Organizer and Cooler

This is really neat—in both senses of the word! It’s an organizing aid for your trip home from the grocery, including an insulated cooler section that wipes clean. Keeps frozen food cool while holding bags and loose groceries in their place. The two side sections hold full-size paper bags, so you…

Price: $24.95

Safe-Touch Induction Cooktop

…space and those aging at home -- as well as the rest of us. Induction heating requires no open flame, no coil or exposed burner -- and it stays cooler to the touch than traditional heating elements. That means it reduces fire and burn risk and makes it safer than what you may be using now. Once…

Price: $119.95
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