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For years, European seniors had an advantage in enjoying a quality of life in their golden years that many in the U.S. did not have – until firstSTREET® introduced the first Neptune Bath Lift a couple years ago. Born out of the knowledge that most falls in the home happen in the bathroom, and that…

Price: $799.00
Related Products: Bathlift | Neptune Bathlift | Bath Lift | Neptune

Neptune Upright Bath Lift

The Neptune Bath Lift is so easy. Just put the chair into the tub. The high-quality suction cups hold it in place. You simply sit on the transfer flap and swing your legs into the tub. Press the button on the fully water proof remote, and the chair lowers to the bottom of the tub. When you are done,…

Price: $899.00
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Many active adults would and could ride a two-wheel bicycle if they felt the bicycle was designed for older people to ride comfortably and safely. Older adults need a lower center of gravity, an easy step-through frame, an upright ergonomic seating position and easy maneuverability.

Price: $499.00
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Cardio Bike

…ready! Now you can get the cardio workout that’s right for you in the comfort of your home. Whether it’s rainy or snowy or whether you just can’t make it around the block in the heat, this upright bike is a great way to get the exercise you need. It provides a low-impact way for you to keep moving!

Price: $199.95
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Safe Stool

…over, even if you accidentally step on the edge or shift your weight. Whatever you do, wherever your feet are, this lightweight stool will stay upright and sturdy. And there’s an anti-slip rubber surface on top where you stand -- and an anti-skid rubber bottom to make sure the stool stays in place.

Price: $49.95
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Neptune Recliner Bath Lift

The Neptune Reclining Bath Lift lowers you securely into the tub, providing a choice of positions while you bathe: a firm back support allows you to remain upright, or you can recline gently and gradually into a comfortable, relaxing, laid-back (in both senses of the word) position.

Price: $999.00
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Cane Stay

The Cane Stay fits any standard cane to keep it upright, whether you rest it on a table edge or lean it against a wall. No more bending and reaching to retrieve your cane, no more hunting for it after it drops. Cane Stay is made of strong, long-lasting plastic. It slips easily onto your cane at any…

Price: $14.95
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Related Categories: Bathlift | Neptune | Shower Chair | Bath Lift
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