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Balanced Spectrum Replacement Bulb (27 Watt)
Replacement bulb for Balanced Spectrum® Floor, Desk, and Elegance Lamps. It is an energy-saving, 27-watt bulb designed to last at least 8,000 hours and to be brighter than a 100-watt standard bulb. ...More
Price: $16.95

42W Replacement Bulb for Sunset and Grand Spectrum
42W replacement bulb for the Sunset Boulevard Floor Lamp and the Grand Spectrum Floor Lamp. ...More
Price: $24.95

Lafayette Blvd 25W Bulb
Replacement bulb for the Lafayette Blvd. Floor Lamp. ...More
Price: $24.95

55W Bulb 3U Tube For Market St
Replacement bulb for the Market Street Floor Lamp. ...More
Price: $24.95

65 Watt Bulb for Jefferson Ave. Lamp
Replacement bulb for the Jefferson Avenue Balanced Spectrum Lamp. ...More
Price: $24.95

26W Replacement Bulb for Beale St. Lamps
Replacement bulb for the Beale Street floor lamp.Beale Street table lamp.--> ...More
Price: $19.95

Super Bright, Dimmable Floor Lamp Replacement Bulb
Replacement bulb for the Super Bright, Dimmable Floor Lamp. It is an energy-saving, 70-watt bulb designed to last up to 10,000 hours and to be brighter than three 100-watt standard bulbs. ...More
Price: $29.95
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30W 3Way Bulb
Replacement bulb for the Lafayette Blvd. Floor Lamp. ...More
Price: $24.95
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